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Divorce need to know

You have found yourself in a situation you never imagined. The happily ever after you had planned for yourself is ending and you are confronted with having to plan for a new life without your “forever” person…..

Kids & Divorce

The end of your happily ever after is bad enough to work through for yourself. Add kids to the mix and you have to navigate co-parenting your little humans with a person you once loved…

Products and Services

So many things to consider, so many options to choose from and you need to make decisions in one of the most emotionally testing times of your life. We have done the research for you…

D is for Dating After Divorce

So now we are here, back in the dating game but this time a little older, a little wiser (maybe) and a little more jaded. Dating on its own is daunting… add to that kids, an ex husband and / or wife and the emotional baggage that comes from divorce and we are in for a one hell of a ride…

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