A Dynamic Divorcee


Let me introduce myself. My name is Bianca and I am the founder of D is for Divorce. With the death of my marriage came the birth of my passion project which aims to help and support divorcees navigate life during and post divorce.


As an attorney, accredited Mediator and Parenting Coordinator, accredited Transformational Coach, single mom to two and lover of my life post divorce I am filled with excitement for what I, through D is for Divorce, will be able to offer you.


I love my kids (obviously), dancing, coffee, the colour yellow, whisky, photography and men with beards.


A Flawed Father


John is a single dad to one son and a fellow divorcee, albeit he identifies as a single man not as a divorcee (more on this in the future). He joins D is for Divorce to offer a blatantly honest account of navigating life after divorce as a single dad. 


With a degree in psychology and a wealth of post-divorce experiences to write from, he will undoubtedly offer great insight for both women and men. John will be writing a monthly article for D is for Divorce and will also be joining me on my podcast once a month to debate and discuss various topics and issues around divorce and all that is associated with it. He is a lover of his kindle, Vivaldi, lavender baths and engaging in heated debates over pretty much any issue.

The Healed Healer


How lucky for us to have Dr Yeshantha Padayachee as part of the team. Yeshantha is a Homeopath, Neuromodulation Coach, tv personality, fellow divorcee and my BFF. 


Yeshantha joins D is for Divorce to contribute articles and insight on wellness and recovery both during and post divorce. She will undoubtedly make appearances on our podcast and her witty, insightful and bubbly personality will bring so much to us all.


Yeshantha loves cooking, macaroons, Zumba, good coffee and red wine.